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Oresund Pharma

Oresund Pharma is a privately owned family business established by Svend and Patrick Johansen. We are a qualified independent pharmaceutical company supplying all markets within the Nordics

Oresund Pharma is a privately owned Danish-based pharmaceutical company with a focus on sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our organization is structured to handle sales & marketing, warehousing & logistics, finance, regulatory matters and pharmacovigilance - benefitting from our efficient supply- and logistics network for distribution of products all over the Nordic region. 

We explore the individual product and market opportunities by a team holding years of industry experience, combined with the drive for 2nd to none performance. In advancing the access to quality medicine, we offer a complete package of commercial service and strategies, navigating the complex pricing and reimbursement environment along with tender management. We work in close collaboration with medical specialists ensuring patients access to innovative pharmaceutical products and solutions. 

Oresund Pharma always have the patient needs as a top priority, and all activities should add value for the entire network of partners, suppliers, customers - and most importantly the patients. 


Oresund Pharma is structured to optimize our Partners businesses in the Nordics in terms of

  • Lean physical distribution structure

  • Lowest cost structure

  • Tender management and pricing strategies

  • Optimizing supply chain management

  • Pursuing new opportunities for growth

  • Timely reporting according to individual requirements

  • Ability to handle all Partner needs related to individual products 

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Vision, mission, purpose
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Our Vision

To be the preferred partner in the Nordics within local representation, marketing, distribution and logistics of pharmaceutical products

The Nordic region

The head quarter of Oresund Pharma is situated in the city center of Copenhagen, Denmark, handling marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products directly to all five Nordic countries:


Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden 

We have fully-fledged setup of warehousing and distribution with strategically placed facilities to accommodate a sufficient supply of medicine to all markets within the Nordic region with a high service level.

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Product portfolio 

Oresund Pharma's extensive product portfolio is a combination of originator products as well as carefully selected generic substances. Our product portfolio comprises both specific hospital and retail pharmacy products, which in most cases are unique addressing niche markets and our portfolio have been successfully expanded through targeted product in-licensing and acquisition. We cover a diverse range of products within a wide display of therapeutic treatment areas in various dosage forms.

All products are promoted to key specialists at hospital clinics and to pharmacies to ensure complete availability throughout the region, with a confident and reliable supply. 

Hospital tendering is mandatory throughout the region and is managed at optimal conditions.


We strive to offer treatment to unmet patient needs and continue to work closely with our partners in a loyal and long-term partnership adding value through tender management, development of pricing strategy and qualified regulatory advisory along with a cost efficient inventory management. 

Therapeutic treatment areas of the Oresund Pharma portfolio include:

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