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Activities in 

Oresund Pharma

Oresund Pharma successfully market pharmaceutical products. We employ a dedicated team with great industry experience to navigate the complexity of the Nordic market and we gained strategic advantage through our core activities 

Oresund Pharma is a pharmaceutical company and we are subjected to several industry rules and regulations. We obtained various authorizations from the authorities in order for us to run our business.


Our business strategy combined with quality, regulatory and supply-chain functions along with a commercial platform and a strong track record in selling and marketing products within the Nordics in an agile setup, we can integrate new products and partners seamlessly into our systems. 


As part of our journey to excellence we have enhanced our commercial capabilities in the Nordic region, we have maintained a commercial footprint and built direct market access and presence. We have created a sustainable business with a lean and efficient structure of operations and with an established medicines platform, we believe we are well positioned to execute on our goals and we add value through implementation of best practice within all our operations.

Where possible, we add partners who can provide additional value to further strengthen and complement our offered service to suppliers, customers, partners and patients. We believe in trust and integrity and we strive to offer the highest level of quality and ethics in all our activities. 


In Oresund Pharma we handle all aspects of quality in compliance with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice, and we follow rules and regulations set by the Danish Medicines Act. We ensure that all rules and regulations are followed in all activities and the high level of quality is maintained by systematically conducting and attending audits.

Truck og Warehouse
Supply and Logistics

Our framework for supply chain, logistics and inventory management is designed to secure seamless transition into our distribution network. A seamless transition will ensure no disruption in supply to wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies and ultimately the patients. Our goal is to maximize the surplus of the entire supply chain - benefitting everyone from developer to patients

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We meet the requirements set by the authorities at all times for all activities. As a pharmaceutical company, we will adhere to all applicable EU/EEA rules along with GDP and GMP regulations. Through close collaboration, Oresund Pharma will ensure that all contracted partners and/or products meet the regulations dictated in every step of the supply chain

Billede af Kendal
Sales and Marketing

Our dedicated sales force work in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and specialists represented in all Nordic regions ensuring extensive

 knowledge and efficient access to all Nordic markets. We will create a complete marketing strategy for the commercialization of a pharmaceutical product and hereby optimizing drug access for all patients

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