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Your pharma partner in the Nordics

Situated in Copenhagen, in the heart of

the Nordic region, Oresund Pharma connects and services all five Nordic pharmaceutical markets - addressing unmet patient and healthcare needs with innovative and value-added pharmaceutical products, knowledge and solutions

Business Development

Oresund Pharma is devoted to excellence in our collaborations to become the chosen partner in the Nordic Region. Our commercially focused business model operates through a global network of partners, meeting the needs of patients with an efficient and sustainable supply of quality medicine

Our Services


We value partnerships and collaboration. Please contact us if you want to learn more about the possibilities for a mutually beneficial partnership 


We constantly seek new product opportunities for in-licensing with a value-added component


Do you need a distributor for your pharmaceutical products in any or all of the Nordic countries?

“We strive to create a new and innovative company that makes a substantial difference to patients”

Svend Johansen
Business Development of 
Oresund Pharma

Distributing medicines in the Nordic region

The five Nordic countries represent a total pharmaceutical market of approximately €10 billion (2019), with a population of 26.5 million. The five countries, with five currencies and five languages have many similarities but acts as a complex and competitive environment. With an efficient infrastructure and an agile setup, Oresund Pharma optimizes our Principals' businesses, as the basis for a long-term collaboration

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